Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Connect NL is a provincial list of individuals who have identified as being without a Primary Care Provider (Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner) in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL). The information provided on Patient Connect NL is used to plan and improve access to primary health care in NL, with the goal of connecting individuals to a Family Care Team or a Primary Care Provider (PCP) as soon as one becomes available in your area. Individuals may register online or by telephone (1-833-913-4679).

A Primary Care Provider (PCP) is a Physician or a Nurse Practitioner who works with other health care providers to help manage your care. The PCP will coordinate your care. A consistent, ongoing relationship with your PCP can help you stay healthy and leads to a higher quality of care. Your provider knows your story, your family, and connects you to the care you need in your community.

Registration is open to all patients without a PCP in NL. If you would like to be connected to a Family Care Team or a PCP in your area, please register online by clicking here. If you do not have Internet access, you can contact 1-833-913-4679 to register by phone. Please use your MCP information when you register.

Once your registration has been completed, you will be provided a reference code confirming that you have been registered. If you enter a valid email address, a confirmation will be sent to that email address.

If you need assistance using Patient Connect NL or registering, please call 1-833-913-4679 or see the Quick Reference Guide. Video Relay Service (VRS) calls are welcome.

Yes. You can proceed with registering despite not having a MCP card or have an expired MCP card. For further information on how to register for a MCP card, please click here.

Once you complete your PCNL registration, you will be provided with a reference code. If you want to register additional family members for whom you are the substitute decision maker, you can enter your reference code on their registration form. It is important that we keep immediate family members (a dependant or a dependant that resides in the same household) connected on Patient Connect NL. By linking your reference code to your family member’s registration form, efforts will be made to place your family with the same PCP.

A substitute decision maker is a person who will communicate your health care decisions if you are unable to do so. This person must be 19 years of age or over. Your substitute decision maker must indicate his or her acceptance of the appointment in writing. If you are submitting this form on behalf of another individual, you must be prepared to provide documentation to support your authority to do so.

If you have misplaced your reference code, you can proceed to register your family member. Once you are contacted by the Provincial Health Authority, please inform them that you have family members that have also registered.

Unfortunately, we are unable to estimate wait times. Please note that clinic staff or telephone operators are unable to retrieve your registration information, assist you with wait times for an appointment or inform where you are located on the list. The Provincial Health Authority will contact you when a PCP becomes available either within your area or within a Family Care Team and an appointment is available for you. If there is a change in your contact information, please call 1-833-913-4679 for assistance.

Call 1-833-913-4679 and inform them that you can be removed from the list.

  • If you require more immediate care or are experiencing a mental health crisis call 811 NL Health Line to speak to a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner.
  • If you are experiencing an emergency, please proceed to your nearest Emergency Department or call 911.
  • • If you need a prescription refill, please check with your local Pharmacist. A Nurse Practitioner can also assist in refilling most routine prescriptions, by calling and booking an appointment with the 811 HealthLine. You can also download the 811 HealthLine app from the Apple or Google Play Store. To request an appointment, please contact the 811 HealthLine at least one week in advance of when you require the prescription. These services are covered by MCP. Please click here to access further information on Mental Health and Addiction services in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • For additional Primary Health Care Access Points in your region please click here.

No, if you already have a PCP you are ineligible to register for Patient Connect NL. Please do not submit your information.

Yes. Please register online by clicking here if you are unable to access your PCP because you have moved to another location in the province. If you do not have Internet access you can contact 1-833-913-4679.